December 2013

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Atlanta Restaurants

Sobban – Korean Southern Diner Review

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] My friend Lew and I decided to try Sobban, Korean Southern Diner, since it has been getting rave reviews.  This sibling to the fabulous Heirloom Market BBQ, is crammed into the old, abandoned Arby’s on Clairmont Road, just north of the VA Hospital. From the start, the experience was

folk art decor
Atlanta Restaurants

Folk Art

Atmosphere: As you may or may not know, Wisteria is one of my favorite restaurants in Atlanta.  When I heard that the owner and chef Jason Hill had opened Folk Art just a couple doors down, I knew I had to go.  I heard mixed reviews, which cultivated my anticipation

Atlanta Restaurants

Majestic Diner

Atlanta Staple: Growing up in Atlanta, the Majestic Diner was kind of like that R rated movie that I wasn’t allowed to see until I was 15 but watched when I was 7.  First of all, the Majestic Diner is open 24/7, and it’s one of the few successful 24

Gluten Free Recipes

How to Cook an Artichoke

We just love artichokes, and have been cooking them for years.  Here is how: [ingredients title=”Ingredients”] 1 Artichoke.  Pick the best Artichoke you can.  It should be nice, firm and green, with few brown areas on the leaves.  I prefer the ones that are slightly open at the top.  Although