July 2014

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Best Protein Smoothie Recipe

Best Protein Smoothie Recipe

Whynatte’s basically the swiss army knife of liquids; Perfect for mixing with your favorite adult beverage at night, satisfactory for lubing your car’s carburetor in a pinch, ideal for kicking off your morning, and excellent for providing that post-lunch boost after putting back a briefcase full of gorditas.  But, there’s

D & D Barbeque and Ribs End Rib Dinner plate
Atlanta BBQ

D & D Barbeque and Ribs

I looked at the call sheet around 11 pm last night, and saw that our first location for the video shoot was D & D Barbecue and Ribs. At the time, I wasn’t thinking about food, I was thinking about waking up at 9 am on a Sunday to go

Atlanta BBQ

Top Five Best Atlanta Barbecue Restaurants

Best Atlanta Barbecue Restaurants: We’re all aware the south represents the Mecca of delicious barbeque, but Atlanta is unique.  Unique because we’re not stuck with one particular influence or style.  We don’t eat just St. Louis style ribs because we’re not in St. Louis, and we don’t eat just Carolina

Sweet Auburn Barbecue Reviewed

I walked in to Sweet Auburn Barbecue with high expectations as they took the place of one of my favorite restaurants, Pura Vida.  The latter always seemed packed, but I guess some things just aren’t meant to be.  Sweet Auburn isn’t just one of Atlanta’s favorite BBQ restaurants it’s also