Atlanta Fish Market

Difficult Decisions:

The Atlanta Fish Market offers a wide variety of delicious menu items making decisions very difficult.  I recommend going with people you enjoy sharing food with so that you can get a good taste of different menu items.

We started with the Buffalo Shrimp:

The Buffalo Shrimp was well prepared, and tasted delicious.  There’s really not much more to say about Buffalo Shrimp, but I will say that it is a great appetizer to start with.

IMG_1412Oysters Rockefeller:

The Atlanta Fish Market offers a number off options from the Crab, Shrimp, and Oyster bar.  The choice is difficult, and you cant go wrong, but we opted for the Oysters Rockefeller.  The precise amount of cheese combined with greens and breading made for absolutely delicious Oysters.


Lobster Fettuccine Alfredo:

Need I say more?  If you are not a fan of rich, creamy dishes then you should probably in our Gluten Free Recipes section of the blog.  If, on the other hand, you are a fan of the heart attack dishes then you came to the right place.

This pasta dish was everything I could ask for.  There was the rich taste of the lobster combined with the creamy taste of the Alfredo sauce, and finally, the broccoli.

This is a special, which means if you are lucky enough to go to Atlanta Fish Market when they have this dish, then you have to order it.


Additional Dishes:

Here are some additional menu items that I was too full to try:

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