bring happy hour to Atlanta

Atlanta Happy Hour “illegal”

Happy Hour Illegal

Among the many appealing aspects of college, my fondest memories surround eating and drinking with a group of friends during happy hour.  Growing up in Atlanta, the idea of happy hour was as foreign as attending college on the West coast.  I am not really sure what the reasoning behind the law is, but I hope to have some follow up on this article.  Let’s bring happy hour to Atlanta!

It’s also noteworthy that many of these laws are broken on a daily basis seemingly without any repercussions.

The Law:

Link to Law

Sec. 10-226. Certain promotions prohibited.
(a)  All on-premises alcoholic beverage licensees are prohibited from selling or giving away alcoholic beverages under the following circumstances:
(1)  Serving multiple drinks for a single price or offering all you can drink for a set price.

(2)  Making a single price the basis for a required purchase of two or more servings.
(3)  Serving alcoholic beverages by the pitcher, except to two or more persons at any one time.
(4)  Offering to any person or group of persons any alcoholic beverage at a price less than the price regularly charged for such alcoholic beverage during the same calendar week.
(5)  Offering or delivering any free alcoholic beverage to any person or group of persons.
(6)  Increasing the volume of distilled spirit, malt beverage or wine contained in an alcoholic beverage without increasing proportionally the price regularly charged for such alcoholic beverage during the same calendar week.
(7)  Using coupons or other special promotional items as an inducement to purchase alcoholic beverages.
(b)  This section shall not apply to private functions not open to the public. The term “private function not open to the public” means any function wherein the licensee has agreed to the use of licensee’s establishment by a person for a set period of time for valuable consideration.

(Code 1977, § 14-2148; Ord. No. 2004-12, §§ 1, 2, 3-9-04)

The Atlanta Happy Hour Poll:

Atlanta Happy Hour:

Although the illegality of an Atlanta Happy Hour is very frustrating, there are some great food happy hours around Atlanta.  We have listed a few of them here.  Feel free to list your favorite Atlanta food deals in the comments.Noche – $2 tacos
Surin – 1/2 priced appetizers
Yeah Burger – $2 tacos
Also don’t forget about the incredible Park Tavern, which serves $1 beers when it rains. I really enjoy that.

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