Beetle Cat Restaurant Review

If you don’t know, I am a ginormous seafood aficionado. So when I heard the the Optimist people were opening another restaurant in Inman Park, called Beetle Cat, I knew I had to give it a try.  I invited along my Law friend who also possesses no qualms about downing a dozen oysters. We rolled up on a Friday night without a reservation because they do not take reservations, and were put on a 15 minute waiting list.

There’s also a another dining room and bar on the lower level of the restaurant where there is no list, and seating is simply first come first serve. When my hunger starts getting out of control it’s likely for me to either hit someone in the face or flip a table, so we thought it better to put our names on the list. 

IMG_0668The atmosphere is very similar to that of the Optimist. Bright colors, lots of windows, and very fancy plating. The service was a bit lacking as it seemed that there was only one waitress in the whole establishment. She politely explained to us that because there no reservations she often gets swamped with a bunch of tables leaving at once.  She was very nice and knowledgeable, but not the quickest. Which, I might add, is usually fine when I am not turning into a diva because of starvation. 

We started with oysters, which were extremely delicious and well priced. They have a nice variety of oysters to suit your fancy. From very meaty and briny to small and clean. They have a wonderful habanero hot sauce that I would definitely recommend trying out. They only provided one saltine cracker per oyster. I almost cried upon realizing I’d only be able to eat 3 saltines, but I might be the only one with an unhealthy obsession for saltines. 

After devouring oysters in 1.2 seconds, we moved on to entrees. Law friend order the moqueca stew, which is a Brazilian recipe based on salt water fish stew in coconut milk. I didn’t actually try it because I was too busy trying to deal with my whole crispy skate wing.  Law friend did report the stew was good.

I didn’t realize it when I ordered, but the whole skate wing was work that I was not ready for. They bring an entire fried skate wing along with thai lettuce wrap accoutrements. The fish was very delicious, but you have to filet it yourself, and its a lot of work. I also thought the lettuce wrap concept with this fish actually just didn’t really go that well together.

All in all it was a little disappointing, but still delicious. I would recommend going for drinks and small appetizers, and maybe the lobster roll, which I will definitely go back and try. 

I’d love to hear what you thought about Beetle Cat. Let me know in the comments.

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