Top Five Best Atlanta Barbecue Restaurants

Best Atlanta Barbecue Restaurants:

We’re all aware the south represents the Mecca of delicious barbeque, but Atlanta is unique.  Unique because we’re not stuck with one particular influence or style.  We don’t eat just St. Louis style ribs because we’re not in St. Louis, and we don’t eat just Carolina or Kentucky BBQ because we are not there either. 

We’re here, there, not here, not there, swirling like specks of dust . . .

-Jeanette Winterson

We live in a place where cultures and geographies meet to form all different types of barbeque. Most Atlantan’s are, well, not from Atlanta. We get people from all over the United States (and the rest of the world), and that’s what makes our BBQ great!  ‘Merica!

Top Five Best Atlanta Barbecue Restaurants

1.  Fat Matt’s Rib Shack:  Quite aptly named, they have the absolute best ribs in Atlanta, although Fox Bros comes in at a close second. The ribs are so delicious that I eat a full rack by myself. 

Fatt Matt’s name stems from their  live music, atmosphere,  and as a bonus they are open late on the weekends.  It’s a lot like going to a dive bar with the best food you’ve ever had while your favorite blues artist serenades you.  The mouthwatering tender chicken is a must have, but the pulled pork isn’t quite as delicious as some of the other places that made the list.  The atmosphere and quality of food make this one of Atlanta’s great BBQ restaurants.

2.  Fox Bros Barbecue: All around best BBQ restaurant in Atlanta.  Period.  From the appetizers to the pulled pork, ribs, and even the smoked wings, Fox Bros has a unique and delicious menu.  It’s tempting to eat here everyday, but I would not recommend it as you will soon be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.  Also, you will have a hard time parking, and probably have to wait an hour, but it’s all completely worth it.

3.  Sweet Auburn Barbecue: Sweet Auburn takes the cake for the most unique BBQ restaurant on this list.  They have a great bar area.  In fact, they have the nicest bar on this list.  They also have a Southern Seoul Sandwich which is out of this world delicious, and you probably won’t find it at another BBQ restaurant. 

Their wings are a must have, and if you’re really looking to step out of the southern comfort zone, then you can partake in the Lemongrass Coconut Spareribs.  Tastes a little bit like peanut-butter, but comes out surprisingly delicious

4.  DBA Barbecue: DBA initially started out as one of my least favorite barbecue restaurants of the bunch, but has since grown on me.  I am not sure why my feelings were so mixed in the passed, but their outdoor patio has completely made my summer.  Not to mention that their Pulled Pork sandwiches are the supreme thing. Great ribs, great atmosphere.  DBA is literally the only BBQ in Virginia Highlands (and it’s way better than El Taco) . . . so that’s cool.

5. Daddy DZ BBQ Joynt:  Golden atmosphere prize goes to Daddy Dz BBQ Joynt because they have the perfect barbecue atmosphere.  The huge tilted signs in the front of the restaurant match the misspelled words to a T, and whole atmosphere in general. Situated near MLK and Dekalb AVE, they cook up some super bad ribs and pulled pork.   All I can really say is go there and enjoy, but don’t debate politics because I was once up until about 3am debating politics. But really are young people ever going to vote?

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