BoccaLupo’s humble exterior makes GPS a necessity for finding this hidden gem located towards the Inman park neighborhood on Edgewood.  The parking is located around back, and the outdoor seating area is relaxing and quiet.  I felt almost like being at a country club with a dash of hipster.

The service was great as the servers knew the menu and wine list inside and out, and were very helpful in navigating the menu.

BoccaLupo Octopus & Sausage:

We started with the Octopus & mortadella spiedino over shell beans, spinach, and marsala.  It was extremely delicious at the time, but looking back on the experience I’ve realized that I only ate the sausage as this portion was split by four people.

The texture was great, combined with the smokiness of the meat and shell beans, made for a really great dish.


Bruschetta Banh Mi:

I mean are you kidding? A bruschetta banh mi?  That’s my jam right there, and it was outstanding.  The pork was smoked to perfection, and the buttered baguette complimented the flavors very well.  As buttered bread often does.  I highly recommend getting this appetizer when you visit BoccaLuppo

Wide Pappardelle, Bolognese:

I’m a big fan of Bolognese done right, but I was reluctant because I had no idea what wide Pappardelle was.  The wide, thin noodles didn’t overpower the sauce, and instead allowed the smoky flavors to shine through in the sauce.  Very simple in terms of the rest of the menu, but extremely well executed.  And they always say “less is more,” well I think BoccaLuppo lives by that strategy well.

Beef Tenderloin:

I am actually not sure if this is technically beef tenderloin as it was the special the night we went to BoccaLupo, but I will say it was one of the best steaks I’ve ever had in my lifetime.  The outside was cooked to perfection, and had a nice buttery flavor, while the inside melted in mouth.  They should put this one on the regular menu because it was outstanding.  Do not pass this one up if it’s around.


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