braves leave atlanta and turner field

Braves Leave Atlanta: An Ode to Game Day Food

The Region:

“I believe in the region” are the words that stuck out during Kasim Reed’s latest news conference as the Atlanta Braves Leave Altanta for Cobb County According to Kasim Reed, Cobb County will be 71% against the new stadium once the tax payers learn it will be funded by their hard earned dollars.

It’s hard to believe in a region that is completely at odds.  The whole reason Cobb County exists is because those people did not want to be apart of the inner city region or even inside the perimeter region.  I mean this might be a crazy idea, but what if we take the $672 million dollars for the new stadium and make the current stadium accessible?

I can only hope republican values hold strong and they don’t allow any absurd tax increases.

Kasim on Cobb + Taxes

What about Food?

Growing up watching the Atlanta Braves play at Turner Field, my favorite part was always the food.  The hot boiled peanuts you could only acquire outside the stadium until about three years ago, and the always delicious Hebrew National hotdogs with chili.

Turner Field has come along way since those days, and have added Chick-fil-a, Waffle House, Rathbun’s Steak, Hollman and Finch, and many more.

Ode to Food at Turner Field:

The H+F Burger is a classic, and when the braves leave Atlanta this is a cheeseburger I will definitely miss.

cheese burger at turner field
H+F Burger

Rathbun’s Steak:

Known for their classy, and pricy steakhouse, this ballpark sandwich is one of a kind.  When the braves leave Atlanta they won’t have any Rathbun’s Steak Sandwiches.

rathbuns steak sandwich turner field

Atlanta is home to some of the best food around: Chick-fil-a, Waffle House, and many others.  The new Cobb stadium will probably be named something like Arby’s field if there isn’t one already, and will be a grim reminder that the days of unique and inspiring ballparks are slowly coming to an end.



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