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Top Five Best Outdoor Bars in Atlanta

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Best Outdoor Bars in Atlanta: What’s better than sitting outside in the beautiful spring or summer in Atlanta and enjoying a nice, cold alcoholic beverage?  Nothing, which is why decided to compile the top five best outdoor bars in Atlanta. Park Tavern: Kicking off the list is none other

Atlanta Bars


Neighbor’s is a great bar in Virginia Highlands that I frequent a lot. I know I said that Home Grown had the worst website in the world, but they actually re did it. Now I think the prize may go to Neighbor’s.  That’s besides the point. Neighbor’s is a great

Pulled Pork Sandwich with Fries from Wrecking Bar
Atlanta Bars

The Wrecking Bar

Background: The Wrecking Bar is located on the outskirts of little five points, right before the Edgewood Shopping Center, in a white house.  The building was abandoned for years, and I always thought it would be a great place to put a night club, but the Wrecking Bar has done

bring happy hour to Atlanta
Atlanta Bars

Atlanta Happy Hour “illegal”

Happy Hour Illegal Among the many appealing aspects of college, my fondest memories surround eating and drinking with a group of friends during happy hour.  Growing up in Atlanta, the idea of happy hour was as foreign as attending college on the West coast.  I am not really sure what

The Albert's Philly Cheesesteak
Atlanta Bars

The Albert

The Albert is a Bar: The Albert is a bar, but it’s definitely not your average watering hole.  Hidden off N. Highland, away from the main drag, The Albert’s atmosphere is quite distinct from the surrounding venues.  I’ve heard rumors that the restaurant was named after the owners child, but

Milltown Arms Fried Jalapenos
Atlanta Bars

Milltown Arms Tavern

Milltown Arms Tavern: Milltown Arms Tavern is situated on an often unpublicized piece of real estate in Atlanta. Not far from where Memorial Drive meets Boulevard lies Carroll Street with its narrow avenue, scarce parking, and roaming hipsters.  Milltown Arms Tavern is a quaint neighborhood bar with trivia on Wednesday

Manuel's Tavern Teriyaki and Buffalo Sauce Wings
Atlanta Bars

Manuel’s Tavern

Background: Growing up in Atlanta, Manuel’s Tavern signifies more than the average run-of-the-mill neighborhood bar.  It represents a community with deep roots. According to the website, Manuel Maloof was a world war two veteran who envisioned a bar in Atlanta based on bars he had seen in England during the