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plant based pizzeria vegan pizza half meat lovers and half veggie
Atlanta Restaurants

Plant Based Pizzeria

“The future is vegan.” Honestly, I could not agree more with Plant Based Pizzeria’s slogan emblazoned on their giant wrapped truck. This isn’t the kind of restaurant you are going to go to in order to have a nice vegan dinner and sit down because, well, there is basically nowhere

bread and butterfly roasted chicken
Atlanta Restaurants

Bread and Butterfly Restaurant Review

Since when did Inman Park become some Buckhead – esque, unrecognizable, delicious place to eat food? It dawned on me and a friend, as we drove .31 miles from his condo and paid for parking, that Inman park is crazy. The deeper issue really here is that I am having

Atlanta Restaurants

Beetle Cat Restaurant Review

If you don’t know, I am a ginormous seafood aficionado. So when I heard the the Optimist people were opening another restaurant in Inman Park, called Beetle Cat, I knew I had to give it a try.  I invited along my Law friend who also possesses no qualms about downing a

Some Random Notes

LITTLE BACCH (REDUX)  Mrs. C. and I recently paid another visit to Little Bacch, for the specific purpose of sharing their roasted chicken, presented head, feet and all. As luck would have it, the couple with whom we shared our last dinner there had the same idea, arriving thirty minutes after us. They

Atlanta Restaurants

Serpas True Food – Atlanta Restaurant Review

Serpas True Food is a modern American restaurant in the Studioplex complex in the Old 4th Ward / Inman Park border country. I’ve only dined at Serpas, run by chef Scott Serpas, once and it was a truly delightful and fulfilling experience. Obviously, entrees are important, but a high quality

Atlanta Restaurants

Kevin Rathbun Steak: The Great Steak out – Part Deux

Having reviewed Bones some time ago, and with KRS Steak, Hal’s, Chops and New York Prime remaining for visits from Mrs. C and myself, I scored the daily double for this visit. First, in role reversal fashion, we were invited as guests of clients of mine (my “niece” whom you may

Fourth and Swift Restaurant Review

Before I get to the essence of my review, I think a discussion of the rules is in order.  If my total experience at a restaurant is, overall, bad, you won’t read about it here. I don’t use this blog as an internet rant platform. Any respectable food critic, which I am

The Elder Tree Restaurant Review

As readers of my posts are aware, Mrs. C and I recently enjoyed Sunday brunch at Argosy in East Atlanta Village. What I failed to mention was that after I had settled the check, and while Mrs. C went to powder her nose in anticipation of the long drive home, I

Argosy Restaurant Review

Some years ago one of my frequent luncheon companions adopted the rule that he would not dine in any establishment where the servers had tattoos or piercings, fearing the incidence of transmission of hepatitis C was greater because of it. The confluence of two thoughts finally changed his mind: 1)

The Treehouse Restaurant Review

From a food perspective this may be one of my shorter posts, although the background information tends to extend its length. For approximately ten years I have been meeting a client for lunch, the frequency of which has been anywhere from every few years to every few months. She is

The Cheetah Strip Club & Restaurant Review

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] THE CHEETAH  (Yes, you read it correctly)  During the height of the real estate boom years ago, I represented a group of bankers from the north Georgia mountains, who, whenever they came to Atlanta for our luncheon meetings, insisted that their restaurant of choice was the Cheetah. On our

The Old Hickory House

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] This will be, in part, a trip down memory lane. As a native Atlantan (my capitalist maternal great-grandparents reside in Oakland and my socialist paternal grandparents reside in the Workers’ Circle at Greenlawn) I have observed the evolution of the Atlanta restaurant scene first hand. I remember when, if you wanted a pizza, your choices were