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Atlanta Restaurants

Bones Steakhouse Atlanta

High Steaks Dining Recently, having done a considerable amount of work for an even more  considerable fee for some good clients and friends, they were forward enough to strongly suggest that I should treat them to dinner for all they had paid me, so at their choice we dined recently at Bones. Luckily

Gu's Dumplings
Atlanta Markets

Gu’s Dumplings Reviewed

Gu’s Dumplings at Krog St. Market You may remember from my post on Co’m Grill that I attempted to eat at Gu’s Dumplings on a prior occasion, but because the restaurant was so packed we were not able to eat there. When I heard that Gu’s Dumplings had opened up

Miscellaneous Rants and Raves

I stopped in at Murphy’s (one of my favorite haunts) for lunch a few weeks ago, and having returned from a recent trip to Slovenia was pleased to see a Slovinian white wine on their “by the glass” list. It was $9.00 per glass, but you can also buy it in their

Bacchanalia – Is It Worth It?

On the occasion of our thirtieth anniversary, your food curmudgeon took Mrs. Curmudgeon to Bacchanalia to celebrate the event. Afterwards, the most frequently asked question by my friends was not “How was the food?” but “Was it really worth it?”. If you are from the school believing that the highest and best compliment you could pay

Co’m Vietnamese Grill

Background: I am told that drinking at a young age prevents your prefrontal cortex from properly developing, which happens to be the hub of decision making and foresight. As such, I failed to realize that Gu’s Bistro would be jam packed on the Friday night after Chinese New year. When my

Atlanta Restaurants

Christophe’s To Go Reviewed

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Simple Really is Better Processed foods are easy to come by, cheap, and extremely delicious, which is why it’s so hard for you to get your kids to eat those vegetables, and why it’s impossible for me to resist a Cheesy Gordita Crunch at 4am in the morning.    But in a desert wasteland

Atlanta Restaurants

Spice to Table

The Inman Park, Old Fourth Ward area has so many great restaurants to choose from that it’s often a difficult proposition to sort out where to eat. Luckily for me, I have some fantastic co-workers that are always recommending new places for me to try. Last week was one of those

Mu Lan Atlanta Restaurant Review

I recently moved to Midtown, and I am now discovering all the great perks that come along with a more urban transition ( I moved about a 1.5 miles from my previous dwellings). One perk of the urban lifestyle is being able to walk places, and not being forced to rely on

Craft Izakaya

Intro: We don’t usually get extremely personal here at Food in Atlanta but there’s no way for me to describe Craft Izakaya without providing the whole story. My colleague and I were set up on a blind double date with twins. I guess nowadays with Facebook there’s hardly a blind

D & D Barbeque and Ribs End Rib Dinner plate
Atlanta BBQ

D & D Barbeque and Ribs

I looked at the call sheet around 11 pm last night, and saw that our first location for the video shoot was D & D Barbecue and Ribs. At the time, I wasn’t thinking about food, I was thinking about waking up at 9 am on a Sunday to go

Atlanta BBQ

Top Five Best Atlanta Barbecue Restaurants

Best Atlanta Barbecue Restaurants: We’re all aware the south represents the Mecca of delicious barbeque, but Atlanta is unique.  Unique because we’re not stuck with one particular influence or style.  We don’t eat just St. Louis style ribs because we’re not in St. Louis, and we don’t eat just Carolina

Sweet Auburn Barbecue Reviewed

I walked in to Sweet Auburn Barbecue with high expectations as they took the place of one of my favorite restaurants, Pura Vida.  The latter always seemed packed, but I guess some things just aren’t meant to be.  Sweet Auburn isn’t just one of Atlanta’s favorite BBQ restaurants it’s also