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Mali Sushi Platter
Atlanta Restaurants

Mali Virginia Highlands

Background: Mali is probably not the first restaurant you think of when your prospective dining options involve Virginia Highlands.  If you are thinking of Sushi, you are probably pondering Harry & Sons.  If your preferences are more Thai oriented you are probably on your way to Surin of Thailand.   Mali,

Hong Kong Harbour Singapore Rice Noodle
Atlanta Restaurants

Hong Kong Harbour

Location: Hong Kong Harbour sits down the street from one of our other favorite restaurants, Taqueria Del Sol. It’s a busy and authentic restaurant in the ever diverse setting of Cheshire Bridge.  We’ve been congregating there for the last seven years on Sunday to catch up and spend time together

Grindhouse Killer Burger
Atlanta Burger

Grindhouse Killer Burgers

Background: The excursion to Grindhouse Killer Burgers began on a day full of errands.  My brother and father were essential to the completion of such errands, but we needed fuel for the tasks at hand.  It wasn’t until we were all in the car driving that we resolved on the

Sweet Auburn Market Sign
Atlanta Markets

Sweet Auburn Market

Sweet Auburn Market Background: According to their website, the Sweet Auburn Market mission statement is to “…[Unite] rural and urban Georgians through food and activities that celebrate local agriculture…” The Sweet Auburn Market was conceived around 1918 after an enormous fire swept through Atlanta.  It wasn’t until 1924 that the Women’s

Chin Chin Beef and String Beans
Atlanta Restaurants

Chin Chin

Chin Chin Reviewed: When my dad’s side of the family gets together with our 93 year old grandma Dottie, we are most likely to eat at Chin Chin in Cherokee Plaza on Peachtree Rd., north of Lenox Square.  This is your classic Americanized Chinese restaurant, serving rock solid, tasty dishes

The Albert's Philly Cheesesteak
Atlanta Bars

The Albert

The Albert is a Bar: The Albert is a bar, but it’s definitely not your average watering hole.  Hidden off N. Highland, away from the main drag, The Albert’s atmosphere is quite distinct from the surrounding venues.  I’ve heard rumors that the restaurant was named after the owners child, but

Roxx Tavern Chicken Kabob
Atlanta Restaurants

Roxx Tavern

Roxx Tavern = Hidden Gem: So you’ve probably never heard of Roxx Tavern, and neither had I until my uncle invited me for lunch there the other week.  My uncle is an Atlanta native, whose office is within five minutes of Roxx Tavern, which makes this one of his “go

Milltown Arms Fried Jalapenos
Atlanta Bars

Milltown Arms Tavern

Milltown Arms Tavern: Milltown Arms Tavern is situated on an often unpublicized piece of real estate in Atlanta. Not far from where Memorial Drive meets Boulevard lies Carroll Street with its narrow avenue, scarce parking, and roaming hipsters.  Milltown Arms Tavern is a quaint neighborhood bar with trivia on Wednesday

Manuel's Tavern Teriyaki and Buffalo Sauce Wings
Atlanta Bars

Manuel’s Tavern

Background: Growing up in Atlanta, Manuel’s Tavern signifies more than the average run-of-the-mill neighborhood bar.  It represents a community with deep roots. According to the website, Manuel Maloof was a world war two veteran who envisioned a bar in Atlanta based on bars he had seen in England during the

Fried Fish with Thai Chili Sauce
Atlanta Restaurants

Thaicoon Sushi Bar

Thaicoon Sushi Bar Atmosphere: Whether you enjoy your meal from the sushi bar or you dine a table, you will feel

Mushroom Ragu
Atlanta Restaurants

La Tavola

Background La Tavola: La Tavola sits in the middle of Virginia Highlands across from Murphys. We were really excited about the opportunity to eat there seeing as its been on my list for a couple months now.  Since I had never been to La Tavola before, I read the reviews

Shrimp and Grits with andouille sausage
Atlanta Restaurants


Background on Murphy’s: Murphy’s sits in the middle of Virginia Highlands, and has been serving high quality food at an extremely reasonable price for over thirty years.  Murphy’s is often the