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The Paleo Diet Explained

In the simplest terms, the paleo diet is a harkening back to the days of hunter-gatherer cavemen. In those days, all people had to eat were things that occurred naturally and could be either foraged or hunted. Cavemen were athletic, lean, and full of energy. Coincidence? This diet takes us

Gluten Free
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Five Reasons To Eat Gluten Free

Due to the obesity epidemic that has occurred in the U.S., more people are choosing healthier diets that include higher amounts of fruits, vegetables, and natural ingredients. Many people are going gluten-free to reduce the effects of celiac disease and avoid gluten sensitivity that causes various symptoms. By avoiding the

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PeachDish Reviewed

PeachDish Background: I recently became familiar with, Atlanta based, PeachDish. They offer a unique and delicious menu packed up in a box and shipped directly to your doorstep. I had no idea what to expect, and honestly I half expected frozen dinners to show up. I was delightfully surprised and

Fried Fish
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Fish Fry 2013

Fish Fry ‘13 Cleaning the Fish So We’re packing up the campsite and my nephews have once again caught their legal limit. This time the fish is coming with us. My uncle has yet to Jedi Mind Trick the guts out and skin off of these babies, though. Nope, if