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Gluten Free Recipes

Steak and Eggs

The onset of spring signals warm weather, which means that its time to fire up the grill for some steak and eggs.  This is an easy recipe requiring only proper timing to make a delicious breakfast for dinner. Ingredients: 1 onion sweet 2 Ribeye steaks 6-9 red potatoes olive oil


Dehydrated Apple Slices with Cinnamon

Confession:  I don’t like apples.  But I LOVE dehydrated apples.  Apples have the best Glucose to Fructose ratio of any fruit and it is really easy to make your own healthful and delicious organic dehydrated apples. I bought a dehydrator from Amazon and I have been using it like crazy. 


Moroccan Kefta Recipe

Background on Moroccan Kefta Recipe: Why go out when you can make better, healthier food at home?  This is our first post for and it is a celebration of food I learned about when I was in Morocco last October.  On our very first night in Marrakech, I ordered