Chin Chin Beef and String Beans

Chin Chin

Chin Chin Golden Prawns
Golden Prawns

Chin Chin Reviewed:

When my dad’s side of the family gets together with our 93 year old grandma Dottie, we are most likely to eat at Chin Chin in Cherokee Plaza on Peachtree Rd., north of Lenox Square.  This is your classic Americanized Chinese restaurant, serving rock solid, tasty dishes that everyone enjoys.

Chin Chin Menu:

The menu is enormous, and like any loyal family that always sits at the same large round table in the back of the restaurant, we usually order from a shorter list of our long-time favorites.  For appetizers we get the satisfactory egg rolls, plus really good fried Chicken Wings and a special Shrimp Roll, that is luscious.

Entrees usually include Mongolian Beef, Sesame Chicken, Empress Prawns and House Pan Fried Crispy Noodles.  All of the dishes come in heaping portions and the tastes are rich and well above average.  The wait staff is always receptive, attentive and friendly.  Most often they bring us a heaping selection of Coconut, Mango and Green Tea ice cream, gratis, with the usual fortune cookies and Orange slices.  Overall, a good place to go when you are hankering for Chinese food but don’t want the mysterious adventure often associated with eating on Buford Highway.

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