Community Q BBQ

community q bbq ribs, brunswick stew, and mac & cheeseI’ve been hearing some major things about Community Q BBQ so when my friend asked which BBQ place I wanted to go to I suggested we try Community Q BBQ.  It’s always hard to pass up Fox Bros BBQ but I figure as a food blogger its my responsibility to go to different restaurants.

Community Q BBQ, located near Emory and the VA Hospital, is an order at the counter and sit down at a table kind of spot.  This means that, like Taqueria Del Sol, timing is everything.  If you end up stuck in line, then don’t worry because it will move pretty quickly.

Service is good, as it’s 99% serve yourself.  The food comes out quickly, and they will call your name.

When I got there, there was no line which meant I skimmed the menu quickly.  I already knew I was going to get ribs because that’s my favorite BBQ, so it didn’t take me long to decide on the half rack of St. Louis ribs with Brunswick Stew and Mac & Cheese.

The ribs were tender and delicious, but could have used a little bit more of smoky flavor.  Other then that, Community Q BBQ ribs can compete with the best.  They won’t win, but they can compete. The Brunswick stew was delicious, and the mac & Cheese is a must.


I was also able to try the Brisket from Community Q BBQ, and it was very tender and delicious. By the time I got to the chicken, I could barely taste anything, but the chicken too was tender and delicious.

The french fries are outstanding. The seasoning and crispiness was 100% on point.

community q bbq chicken and brisket plate with friens and Mac & Cheese

And finally the Brisket Plate with two sides.  All of the plates at Community Q BBQ come with bread.

Community Q BBQ Brisket Plate with Collards and Coleslaw


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