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We don’t usually get extremely personal here at Food in Atlanta but there’s no way for me to describe Craft Izakaya without providing the whole story.

My colleague and I were set up on a blind double date with twins. I guess nowadays with Facebook there’s hardly a blind anything. We were actually set up by my colleague’s mother’s friend, and no we are not in high school.

We decided to meet up in Inman Park because that’s home turf for us, and really it’s just a great neighborhood for eating.

My original thought I envisioned Noni’s outside on the patio because these summer / fall nights can be extremely nice.

John, my colleague , had different plans. He had recently tried Craft Izakaya in the new Krog Street Market, which I thought was supposed to be finished about two years ago.

He said it would be the perfect date spot, and I got to give him props because he was actually right on about that. What makes Craft Izakaya unique and delicious is that it’s basically a Japanese tapas restaurant.

Craft Izakaya Atmosphere:

The atmosphere was our immediate topic of conversation because of the eccentric soundtrack that accompanied our dining experience. I remember hearing Forgot About Dre and I think a couple tracks by Missy Elliot and Fifty Cent. If you’re not familiar with these musical talents, then this may not be the restaurant for you.

It’s really a very cool and modern atmosphere with an upper deck that’s very nice and somewhat private feeling. Also, if you’re young you can go out to the bars around Inman Park and Edgewood which are fun and close.

The service was good, the waitress seemed knowledgeable, and everything came out right and on time.

Craft Izakaya Menu:

Craft Izakaya offers a wide variety on the menu from your classic Seaweed Salad and Shrimp Tempura to Beef Tongue Yakitori, and everything in between – See Food Menu.

We started with the Fried Calamari because we agreed that in order to have a successful dinner, you have to eat fried Calamari. That’s pretty much how I feel all the time.

We washed that down with some cold Saki, which was delicious, but I am more of a fan of the warm Saki – See Drink Menu.

The Yakitori and Calamari was delicious, and perfect for sharing as appetizers. We went with the Beef Tenderloin and Pork Belly Yaktori, which I could eat about a hundred of. I would highly recommend the Pork Belly.

We ordered a number of rolls, which were all delicious. Well executed, well presented, and delicious. Nothing off the charts, but all around a nice experience.

Added Bonus: apparently they have a candy cotton machine, and offer free candy cotton sometimes.

Have you tried Craft Izakaya? Let us know what you think!

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