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Five Reasons To Eat Gluten Free

5 reasons to eat gluten freeDue to the obesity epidemic that has occurred in the U.S., more people are choosing healthier diets that include higher amounts of fruits, vegetables, and natural ingredients. Many people are going gluten-free to reduce the effects of celiac disease and avoid gluten sensitivity that causes various symptoms. By avoiding the protein altogether, there are several benefits that come with the diet, making for five reasons to eat gluten free.

1. Improved Digestion

By cutting out gluten from your diet, it can reduce inflammation that occurs in the small intestine once gluten is consumed. This will also prevent stomach aches, flattening of the intestinal villi, abdominal cramping, gas, and constipation. A gluten-free diet also allows bowel movements to occur each day, making it easier to prevent bloating while absorbing more nutrients.

2. Increase Weight Loss

Many gluten-free products contain healthy ingredients to substitute for the protein, which include brown rice, quinoa, and sweet potatoes, making it easy to cut out carbohydrates and lose more weight. Products that contain gluten also contain higher levels of fat, making it easy to lose weight once cutting it out completely. You’ll also be more likely to reach for more fruits, vegetables, and protein throughout the day instead of your typical options that contain gluten.

3. Higher Energy Levels

Those who are sensitive to gluten often have lower energy levels because nutrients and vitamins are not absorbed as well during digestion. Skipping gluten can restore the digestive tract and reduce the amount of fatigue that is experienced after eating.

4. Reduces Inflammation

Body tissues often become inflamed due to gluten, which can cause joint pain and muscle cramping, eventually lead to life-threatening diseases. Starting a gluten-free diet can mean feeling less pain throughout the body and avoiding common skin issues or rashes that are related to the inflammation.

5. Improved Mood

There are several neurological benefits that come with cutting out gluten, which include reducing ADHD, depression, and headaches. Those who maintain a gluten-free diet also experience improved brain function and clearer thinking throughout the day, making for five reasons to eat gluten free.


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