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As you may or may not know, Wisteria is one of my favorite restaurants in Atlanta.  When I heard that the owner and chef Jason Hill had opened Folk Art just a couple doors down, I knew I had to go.  I heard mixed reviews, which cultivated my anticipation that much more.

My first impression was that it was very similar to the Optimist.  The restaurant has a glass patio in the front which provides great natural lighting and openness.  My second impression was “Oh there is a bunch of folksy stuff in here.”


I went to Folk Art during lunch so I was not able to get my hands on any of the fabled items like the Chicken and Waffles or the Eggs Benedict, which are my two favorite breakfast dishes on planet earth.

The lunch menu is quite diverse from Reubens to Muffulettas, and everything in between.  Unfortunately, I can’t eat everything, and since I am sick, I could hardly eat anything.

I usually stay out of the soups and salads sections of menus, but I went for the Pork Green Chilli, and it was truly delicious.  Just the right amount of heat, consistency, and the pork had me questioning my long held belief system of staying away from the soups and salads.


Fried Chicken Sandwich:

This Fried Chicken Sandwich features collard green coleslaw, and is a 100% winner. Not a bad side salad either.


Burger & Tomato Soup:

Boom.  There’s a double burger – no bun and tomato soup:



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