Grindhouse Killer Burger

Grindhouse Killer Burgers


The excursion to Grindhouse Killer Burgers began on a day full of errands.  My brother and father were essential to the completion of such errands, but we needed fuel for the tasks at hand.  It wasn’t until we were all in the car driving that we resolved on the Grindhouse Killer Burger for lunch.  The closest destination was the Sweet Auburn Market which my father and I had yet to visit.  We were somewhat anxious having no idea what to expect, but we’re quite delighted to discover the deliciousness of the market and the burger.


Grindhouse Killer Burgers SaladEntering the market we were immediately distracted by the heaping, multitudinous options confronting us.  We managed to stay on track and eventually navigated our way to the Grindhouse Killer Burgers only to find the line moving at a sloth’s pace. 

The eccentric makeup of the line provided enough entertainment to steer my mind away from the hunger consuming my every thought.  People from all around downtown Atlanta come to the market to enjoy both the fare and the fraternizing.

We all three ordered unique menu items, and as my father does not partake in glutenous activities, he enjoyed the burger salad.  My hunger could only be tamed by a bacon cheeseburger and onions meal. 

The seating caters to both parties and individuals, but during peak hours do not expect fast food.   Many people made the mistake of ordering on a time budget, and I could hear them contemplating the numerous excuses and justifications for their inevitable tardiness.  It takes a burger of a certain caliber to possess people to justify their actions.

You don’t want to miss one of Atlanta’s best burger joints inside one of Atlanta’s best markets.

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