Apples with almond butter and coconut

Healthy Apple Recipe


The myriad of healthy apple recipes on the internet reflects how ingrained the apple is in American Culture. We love the apple, and everyone has grown up on his or her own favorite healthy apple recipe. From apple cake, to apples and honey, the possibilities seem endless.  We discovered a unique variation on the traditional apples with honey, and could not wait to spread the word.  This healthy apple recipe is so easy and delicious, it’s a must try snack.  Instead of cracking open that bag of chips containing empty calories, sodium, and trans fats out the yin yang, try this lighter option.



This healthy apple recipe originally called for pears. But apples, bananas or even bagels provide excellent alternatives.

Our Recipe:  Apple, almond butter, and coconut shreds.

Once you have your apple sliced, smother it with a tablespoon of almond butter.

Once you have the apples sliced, and covered with of almond butter, simply top them with desired amount of coconut shreds. indulge in this sweet snack for just over 200 calories.

They go quickly so make sure you set a couple aside for yourself!

Check out the difference between energy dense and nutrient foods.

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