Fried Chicken Benedict with Potatoes

Highland Bakery

Fried Chicken Benedict with PotatoesReview:

The Highland Bakery serves a myriad of delicious culinary creations. You will find anything from rosemary garlic bread to French Toast to the ever tempting Cowboy Benedict.  I am yet to try this mysterious wonder consisting of two quesadillas, with seasoned black beans, eggs poached medium and Hollandaise with a spicy corn relish.

photo copyThe Cowboy Benedict has been on my “must try” list for about two months now, but one I saw the menu I couldn’t resist the calls of the Fried Chicken Benedict.   Two fried chicken breasts over biscuits topped with a jalapeno cheese dip, and accompanied by a handful of potatoes.

The Fried Chicken Benedict was really quite rich and delicious, and left nothing to be desired.  I could only eat half of the plate, but the leftovers made for a delicious dinner this evening.  You really have to be careful about what you order because everything is very rich and filling.

They also have a great coffee selection, and I would definitely recommend adding a coffee to your experience at the Highland Bakery.


We also tried the Breakfast BLT, which is an age old classic. Sourdough grilled and topped with spring mix, tomato, herbed mayo and 2 eggs fried medium with crisp bacon on top, served open face
with grits or potatoes. The sandwich was really quite good, but it didn’t stand apart, in a significant way, from other breakfast sandwiches around town.

I am not a huge fan of grits, but they had some great flavor.  They really tempted me to try the Shrimp and Grits.

The BLT turned out very well.  The bread complimented the sandwich, and the bacon was cooked perfectly.   Not to mention I was able to eat that for lunch.

The service is not impressive, but they are very busy.  The servers are very friendly, which makes their lack of timing forgivable.   If you go during peak hours, you can expect a wait.  The food also takes a while, but in the end it is definitely worth it.  I cannot wait to go back and try everything on the menu.  Seriously.  Everything.

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