Although Home Grown may have the worst website ever created, they have some of the best breakfast items in Atlanta.  I really couldn’t find much information on the restaurant, so what I am about to say is mostly hearsay.  With that said, Home Grown has quickly become one of Atlanta’s premier Breakfast destinations.

Home Grown Comfy Chicken Biscuit

Comfy Chicken Biscuit

Don’t be fooled though, they have a unique, delicious, and ever changing menu that is sure to please.  Well it pleases me, and Jason Carter.  I saw him there the other day so you know this place is legit.

I’ve heard that Home Grown owns the park across the street, and that they grow a lot of their own produce somewhere around the premises.  I’ve also been told that they use rain water collected in giant bins for irrigation.  I’ve actually seen the water bins, so I am pretty sure that part is true.

It’s always a good idea to support local businesses, and especially those that are green businesses. or Greener.


This is the good part.  So I was looking over Home Grown’s past menu items, and these are some great examples of their unique items:

Mahi Mahi, Crab, BBQ shrimp and Grits, and of course there is the always famous Comfy Chicken Biscuit.  I usually opt for the Comfy Chicken biscuit or the two eggs with potatoes and bacon.  Eggs over medium por favor.

And of course the moment you’ve all been waiting for… the Comfy Chicken Biscuit – one of the downright most delicious around town.  The sausage gravy is not so thick that it overwhelms the entire plate.  I often find it difficult to finish biscuits and gravy, but this is so good you will eat it all.


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