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Hong Kong Harbour

Hong Kong Harbour Singapore Rice NoodleLocation:

Hong Kong Harbour sits down the street from one of our other favorite restaurants, Taqueria Del Sol.

It’s a busy and authentic restaurant in the ever diverse setting of Cheshire Bridge.  We’ve been congregating there for the last seven years on Sunday to catch up and spend time together as a family.

The large circular tables and Lazy Susan provide ideal conditions for large parties who are comfortable sharing food.  We usually end up eating with about eight people on a weekly basis, and getting good service with eight people, four of whom are older than seventy, is pretty solid.

Dim Sum Menu:

The Dim Sum Menu at Hong Kong Harbour offers a wide array of options, but we often play it close, and stick with the classics.  We’ve never ventured into the frog legs, and the most interest dish we order is the duck which is actually really good.

We devour the fried shrimp plates with ease, and always order the Mongolian Beef off the regular menu.  The fried shrimp wonton, when cooked to perfection, is one of the must have Hong Kong Harbour items.

Other must have menu items include the fried shrimp with the heads on and Singapore Rice Noodles.  The Singapore Rice Noodles are one of the most flavorful menu items I have tried yet, and it’s not as heavy as the other food on the menu.

For dessert, you can either indulge in the custard as my 93 year old grandmother prefers or, as I favor, the coconut pastry. They do not always have the coconut pastries circulation, but be sure to ask for them because they have great coconut flavor but are not too sweet.

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