2013-06-29 Kale

Easy Dried Kale Recipe

Kale Recipe:

Drying Kale is really as easy as can be. I bought a dehydrator a few months ago and we regularly use it to dry Kale, beef jerky, smoked turkey jerky and whatever else looks good. I especially like the Dried Kale recipe since I don’t really like Kale unless it is dried, and then I can eat tons of it, getting all those good vitamins and minerals.


One Bunch Kale
Gluten Free Tamari or Soy Sauce
One kitchen spritzer

Trim or tear the Kale from the stalks. It is important to eliminate the larger ribs, since they will be tough and unchewable if you dry them.

Place the torn Kale flat on the dehydrator trays and try to fill up all the space. This makes it easier to spray on the Tamari or soy. Besides, the Kale will shrink significantly anyway. When the trays are full, use a little kitchen spritzer to spritz the Tamari or soy lightly over each tray of Kale.

Place the trays on the dehydrator and dehydrate at 125 degrees until the Kale is completely dry and crisp. This takes somewhere around 4 hours, but check after 3 until the Kale is completely dry and crisp. My batch today took 5 hours.

C’est tout. Store your Kale in an airtight container. You will eat it before it goes bad.

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2013-06-29 Kale

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