Mali Sushi Platter

Mali Virginia Highlands

Mali Sushi Platter
Salmon Crunch, Shrimp Tempura, and Mditown


Mali is probably not the first restaurant you think of when your prospective dining options involve Virginia Highlands.  If you are thinking of Sushi, you are probably pondering Harry & Sons.  If your preferences are more Thai oriented you are probably on your way to Surin of Thailand.   Mali, however, is one of the hidden gems in Virginia Highlands, and if you haven’t been there it will soon be on your list when your thinking of places to dine in Virginia Highland


The dining room inside is split into two parts with the sushi bar in the middle.  It’s a very classy and traditional design, with added patio seating.  We always debate about sitting on the patio or not because if you do not get a good table the sun will make your dining experience not enjoyable as it blinds you.  The sushi bar also doesn’t have much seating because the walkway in between the two dining areas is so tight.


The servers are very nice and helpful, but because the restaurant is often extremely busy, they do have lapses in service quality.


The menu represents a wide variety of Thai dishes as well as an extended sushi menu.  My three favorite dishes off the Thai menu  are the Chicken or Vegetable Massaman, the Rainbow Chicken, and the Pad Thai.  If you are looking for something spicy the Rainbow Chicken will give you that kick you are looking for along with a delicious blend of onions, vegetables, and chicken.  The Massaman curry is good on just about anything, and when you add cashews, onion, avocado, and chicken the result is an amazing dish that keeps me coming back for more.

The sushi menu is a great alternative or addition to the Thai menu.  We ordered on our last visit to Mali the Salmon Crunch Roll, The Spicy Tuna Roll, The Midtown Roll, and the Shrimp Tempura Roll.  The Salmon Crunch Roll provides both the delicious crunch of tempura flakes along with the fresh salmon.  The Midtown rolls is a clean roll with avocado and Tuna.

You absolutely will not be disappointed with your dining experience at Mali.

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