Milltown Arms Fried Jalapenos

Milltown Arms Tavern

Milltown Arms Tavern:

Milltown Arms Tavern is situated on an often unpublicized piece of real estate in Atlanta. Not far from where Memorial Drive meets Boulevard lies Carroll Street with its narrow avenue, scarce parking, and roaming hipsters.  Milltown Arms Tavern is a quaint neighborhood bar with trivia on Wednesday nights.  I will let the video created by the owners tell the rest of the story of Milltown, but please note someone says in the video “Our house wine is Jager.”  It also happens that they serve the Whynatte Latte, and mixed with Jager or Pinnacle Whipped Cream Vodka it creates a magnificent beverage.

Milltown Arms Video:


Milltown Arms Tavern is not the restaurant to drive 20 miles to check out their famous menu or beer selection.  They are, however, a great neighborhood tavern with an uncommon vibe for the neighborhood.  They advertise the best wings on Carroll Street, and they are worthy of the title.  Tip:  Get the wings extra crispy.

The other two highlights from our outing were the Cheese Pretzel and the Fried Jalapenos.  I have actually never seen a Cheese Pretzel on a menu before, but it was outstanding.  It is one of the most popular items with our group of friends, and when they were out of Cheese Pretzels for about two weeks it was a disaster.  Now that they are back, you need to go try one.

Milltown also has a make your own burger section, which I attempted to order from but the server forgot my order.  That was not good, but she made it right with some free Whynatte shots aforementioned.

If you like trivia or you are in the neighborhood, this is definitely a great bar to check out.

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