Mix’D Up Truck Stop

A Hidden Burger Gem:

Mix’d Up Truck Stop began as a tasty food truck destination, and has expanded to include a drive through restaurant as well.  Now you don’t have to worry about chasing the food truck down, and you can enjoy a tasty Mix’d up burger anytime.

If you’d rather sit down to enjoy your feast, Mix’d Up Truck Stop has two indoor seats and a couple community benches with umbrellas so you don’t get fried by the sun.  Seating may be scarce, but parking is almost non-existent.  We parked one block behind Mix’d Up Truck Stop, and walked through the alleyway.


Unique and Delicious:

The unique array of burgers and BBQ was a delightful departure from the traditional burger or bar menu where you can pretty much order without looking at a menu or even opening your eyes.  In fact, I dare you to order order from Mix’d Up Truck Stop with your eyes closed.  Not pictured in the menu below is the BBQ pork sandwich which involves BBQ pork and cheese.

Mix'd up truck stop menu

Mix’D Up Burger

I am disappointed to say that I did not step out on a limb and try the Lamb Burger or the Chorizo Burger. I was, however, delightfully surprised by the Mix’d Up Burger with bacon.  It had great flavor, and great presentation, but the meat was bit overcooked.  The burger was a tad bit dryer than I prefer, but it was still delicious.

Mix'd up burger with bacon

Mix’D up Fries:

The Parmesan and Garlic fries sounded like a brilliant idea, but the Parmesan was too dry.  The flavor was great, and I saw one of the associates hand cutting the potatoes, but the Parmesan was a bit too overpowering.  Next time I will stick with the regular fries.

Garlic and Parmesan French Fries

 Bottom Line:

The location and lack of parking put this restaurant on the occasional places to eat list; but,  If you are driving by the area, or looking for a new unique joint, then you should definitely check this place out.
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