Mu Lan Atlanta Restaurant Review

I recently moved to Midtown, and I am now discovering all the great perks that come along with a more urban transition ( I moved about a 1.5 miles from my previous dwellings). One perk of the urban lifestyle is being able to walk places, and not being forced to rely on alternate modes of transportation i.e. sitting in traffic in my car.

Within walking distance of my apartment, there are a number of intriguing restaurants that I hope to visit, including a Hookah Bar. The first restaurant that I went to, and closest place on the list, was Mu Lan. It wasn’t a planned visit, but rather an impulse decision after succumbing to my roommates incessant pleads to explore.

Our original plan was Starbucks, but upon seeing Mu Lan’s Chinese decorations, and old style patio, we were drawn in because we knew we had no other option but to gorge on Chinese and Thai food.

The restaurant lives in an old style house, reminiscent of Charleston, and is decorated with Chinese lanterns and such.  They have great patio seating, but I didn’t see too many inside tables.  They immediately asked if our order was to go, and the restaurant was completely deserted, which are both blatant signals that the restaurant is not exactly top notch.

I was immediately skeptical going into it, and the menu reading “items may contain MSG,” did not help.  Obviously I am not going to let a little MSG get in the way of delicious food.

The menu contains both Chinese and Thai items, and since it was lunch time, I opted for the Thai side of the menu as it seemed to be a bitter lighter. 

We started with the Steamed Pork Dumplings, which were absolutely delicious.  The sauce was on point, and the pork was extremely flavorful.

After devouring the dumpling appetizer, I realized that Mu Lan had great potential, and my excitement for the entree rose three fold.  I ordered the Pad Thai with Coconut Soup and my roommate ordered the Masaman Curry Chicken with Coconut Soup.

The coconut soup arrived right on time, and that’s when I realized that not only was the food outstanding but the service was on point as well.  Maybe it’s because we were the only people in there, or maybe that’s how it always is, but if you’re from Atlanta then you know great service is rare.

The coconut soup was joined by Fried Wontons and a sweet sauce.  The soup was spicy, delicious, hot, and all around on point.  The wontons with the sweet sauce were a great addition to the soup.

Upon finishing the soup, the server was immediately there to take our discarded plates, and replace them with the piping hot entree’s we ordered. 

I could tell that this was really a Chinese restaurant that also made Thai food as opposed to a Thai restaurant that also made Chinese food. The Pad Thai was a little too sweet, but I thought it was great.  It’s not the type of Pad Thai that you feel like you could every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but it was good.

The Massaman Curry Chicken was very flavorful, and came with bright color peppers that complimented the dish well. It wasn’t the classic sort of creamy sauce that I love, but more the classic curry that is also pretty delicious.

This place is definitely deserves a revisit, and I will add some pictures as well.  Have you tried Mu Lan?  What did you think?

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