Shrimp and Grits with andouille sausage


Background on Murphy’s:

Murphy’s sits in the middle of Virginia Highlands, and has been serving high quality food at an extremely reasonable price for over thirty years.  Murphy’s is often the “go to” place for my family whenever we have a special occasion.  You really won’t find much to complain about when you go eat there, but my family always seems to come up with something.  The martinis aren’t filled up enough or the food is taking too long, but the overall experience is really very nice.  it’s one of our favorite restaurants in the city.  Once dinner is finished, you can head over to Highland Tap which has a great bar or you might opt for some frozen yogurt from Yoforia.  Either way Virginia Highlands is a great place to loiter around after your meal.


Murphy’s Menu Highlights:

The chef has recently changed the menu at Murphy’s, and the improvement to the menu is tremendous.  The crab cakes previously contained a high bread crumb to crab meat ratio, but now the lump crab meat flavor is perfect and invades your mouth with pleasure.  I know how that sounds, but its true.  They also switched up the Trout for the better, but I didn’t taste the trout so I can only say that I heard it was much improved.

I opted for the Shrimp and Grits, whereas the ribeye is normally my “go to.”  If you are a steak fan, go with the ribeye.  You will not be disappointed.  The shrimp and grits turned out great.  I assumed it had a tomato sauce because it was red, but it also had andouille sausage and poached egg.  It was a bit saucy for me, I like my shrimp and grits a little thicker, but overall it was delicious.

They also have a fantastic wine selection so if you go with someone who knows something about wine you can get them to pick one out.  Or you can ask the wine lady.  I forget her name, but she knows I think everything about wine there is to know.

I could write another blog post on brunch, but I will just say that it’s delicious and to get the eggs Benedict.

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