20140325-125953.jpgNeighbor’s is a great bar in Virginia Highlands that I frequent a lot. I know I said that Home Grown had the worst website in the world, but they actually re did it. Now I think the prize may go to Neighbor’s.  That’s besides the point.

Neighbor’s is a great bar and pub mainly because it’s in Virginia Highlands and it has a great patio.  The location allows one to wander to other great Virginia Highland bars like Atkins Park after imbibing beverages.

Not only does Neighbor’s offer a great patio, but they also have shuffle board and deer hunt, which happen to be two of my favorite bar activities.  I am pretty sure I hold the bar record on Deer Hunt so good luck beating that.

The Staff

The staff at Neighbor’s kind of creeps me out, especially the bar tenders, but the servers are actually very nice.  I asked one lady who worked there whether or not the kitchen was still open, and she said they closed in fifteen minutes.  She was implying that although the kitchen was open, I should dare not order because they want to get the hell out of there.

She also said that she would ask the bar, and return to take my.  She never returned….. I had to go to Taco Bell, and I think I woke up with E. Coli.

The Food

Although the staff kind of creeps me out, the food is actually really delicious, and they offer some good breakfast and brunch items as well as classic pub food.

The highlight of the menu is the loaded tots. If you’re going to go to neighbors to eat, or drink for that matter, the loaded tots are worth expending your weekly caloric intake on.

If it’s a nice sunny day in Atlanta, Neighbor’s is worth taking a load off and enjoying a few drinks and some good bar food.  This is a great Atlanta Bar.


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