Noche Fried Chicken Taco

Noche Tequila and Tapas Bar

Noche Lobster Taco
Noche Lobster Taco


Noche Beef Tapas
Noche Skirt Steak

You can find me at Noche every Monday night. The two dollar tacos is one of the best deals around. I would recommend a reservation if your going to the one in Virginia Highlands, as it is often packed. My challenge this most recent visit was to try every taco on the menu, except for the lobster taco as its not $2. I was highly unsuccessful, but we did make it through the Trailer Park Taco, Pulled Pork, and Special Steak Taco. Suffice to say I did not make it through the entire taco menu.


The Trailer park Taco at noche has always been my favorite. Its actually very similar to the Taqueria Del Sol chicken taco.  Its got that spicy mayo deal going on.

The Pulled Pork taco at noche is absolutely delicious.  It’s topped with tomatillo salsa, lettuce, and pepper jack cheese, which makes for a savory taco.

The real treat was the Special Taco which was marinated steak with onions and hot sauce.  I am a huge fan of the classic steak taco, so I was eager to dive into this spicy special.   The presentation hid the enormous flavor of the spicy hot sauce, marinated beef, and onions.

The Atmosphere:

Noche Fried Chicken TacoThe atmosphere at noche is very energetic, and you will most certainly find a younger crowd on Monday’s.  The bar is a great place to watch a game or grab a bite to eat.  The tables inside are all very close to each other, so there’s more of a community eating feel, while the outside is a bit more spacious and calm.  I usually prefer to sit outside, but in lieu of the fact that the table to person ratio was going against us, we sat inside.

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