Roxx Tavern Chicken Kabob

Roxx Tavern

Roxx Tavern = Hidden Gem:

So you’ve probably never heard of Roxx Tavern, and neither had I until my uncle invited me for lunch there the other week.  My uncle is an Atlanta native, whose office is within five minutes of Roxx Tavern, which makes this one of his “go to” lunch spots.  Immediately I was curious because Cheshire Bridge is a frequent dining area for me, and I literally eat at the Colonnade every Thursday night, but I had never seen this restaurant that sits right across the street.  The signage is easy to miss, and I guess all the strip clubs near by attract attention with more flamboyant advertising.


Roxx Tavern, with a menu as diverse and the unique as the neighborhood, is one of our hidden gems.  Both my uncle and myself had the Chicken Kabobs, which were extremely flavorful and tender.  The tzatziki sauce was a perfect compatriot to the chicken, and begged the question of whether or not there were Gyros.  They don’t have Gyros, but they do have just about everything else.

The Atmosphere is laid back, and the clientele resemble folks from the Colonnade.  There were no problems with the service, and the portions were more than I could handle and I only ordered one side.  Bottom line is if you live around the area, and have never tried Roxx Tavern, it is definitely worthy of a try.  And chances are you will probably end up going back.

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