Sotto Sotto Pasta

Sotto Sotto


Hidden Gem:

This was my first time to Sotto Sotto in Inman Park, a highly acclaimed authentic Italian restaurant with no sign, and really not very inviting from the outside. Once inside, there is a warm community atmosphere, and the patio is a fantastic spot for dinner.  I could feel for a brief moment that I was actually in Italy, and the menu items in Italian accentuates the atmosphere.  Sotto Sotto is very similar to La Tavola in Virginia Highlands.

Authentic Menu:

I always enjoy dining at a restaurant where I can’t pronounce the menu items, and at Sotto Sotto it was no different. I enjoy living on the edge, and relying on the server to explain the popular items.  The server was great, and guided us in the right direction.

We started out with the Caprese Salad with fresh Mozzarella and tomatoes.  A drizzle of olive oil and it was pure delicious.

Sotto Sotto Caprese Salad

I am not usually a fan of Risotto, but I knew that with the wild mushrooms it would be delicious, and the first course portion is perfect for splitting as an appetizer.  Very rich, but that’s exactly what I am looking for when it comes to mushroom Risotto:

Sotto Sotto Risotto

Choosing between Tortelli di Michaelangelo: Veal, Chicken, and Pork Ravioli in butter sauce, and Lasagnette alla Bolognese: which has a smoky flavor that sounded amazing.  The Michaelangelo won out, and the flavor was great.  I prefer cream sauce, but the sage in the butter sauce was outstanding.


Bottom Line:

Sotto Sotto is a great place for a weekend getaway.  Whether you are taking a date, or going with a group a friends, its a great place to enjoy authentic Italian cuisine.  Great drink selection, authentic cuisine, and relaxing atmosphere make this restaurant a must eat in Atlanta.
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