Sweet Auburn Market Sign

Sweet Auburn Market

Sweet Auburn Municipal Market SignSweet Auburn Market Background:

According to their website, the Sweet Auburn Market mission statement is to “…[Unite] rural and urban Georgians through food and activities that celebrate local agriculture…” The Sweet Auburn Market was conceived around 1918 after an enormous fire swept through Atlanta.  It wasn’t until 1924 that the Women’s Club of Atlanta turned the ad hoc market into a brick and mortar food cornucopia.   Since then, the Sweet Auburn Market has been a lively success.  The market also stands out as one of the most underrated tourist and local destinations in Atlanta.

Grindhouse Burger Salad
Grindhouse Burger Salad


A myriad of merchants litter the building providing everything from meats and vegetables to burritos and burgers.  Our mission dictated we consume Grindhouse Killer Burgers, and they were outstanding.  Other merchants provide considerable competition, and I would not count out Bell Street Burrito or Metro Deli Soul Food.

Meat & Produce:

The Sweet Auburn Market provides high quality meat and produce from around Georgia.  I was struck by the quantity, quality, and spectrum of possibilities.  I was also bewildered by the fact that this was my first visit to such a palace of deliciousness.  Whether you are a resident of this great city are vacationing, the Sweet Auburn Market needs to be added to your list of attractions.



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