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Taqueria Del Sol


Taqueria del sol taco and enchiladaTaqueria Del Sol Review:

My pal, Kathie, and I have been having lunch at Taqueria del Sol once a week for the last ten years.  That should tell you that it is worth visiting on a regular basis for its solid lunch menu – although it also open for dinner, with a full bar.  The prices are extremely reasonable and you can get two items and a drink for about $7.00. The service (once you get to the head of the line) is always pleasant and very fast.

The regular menu items, including starters and soups, a variety of meat, chicken and fish tacos, many combinations of enchiladas and an assortment of sides, are supplemented each week with a taco special, a blue plate special and a seafood special.

Since the specials rotate between a wide variety of items, it is easy to stick with the old favorites, or get one of the specials, to have a variety of food each time you visit TDS. They had a vote on the favorite taco special a year or two ago and the Cheeseburger Taco won out over the Bob Taco (a fried shrimp taco) in a close match. The enchiladas and specials offer the best bang for the buck, while the tacos very greatly on how filling they are.

The meat tacos, including the hearty Memphis Taco, with lots of chopped smoked pork, a spicy jalapeño coleslaw and tequila BBQ sauce, are the most filling. On the soup menu, try the shrimp and corn chowder for a very hearty and tasty starter.

The Pork Green Chili is also thick and delicious. One reason I like eating at TDS is that you can easily get a gluten free lunch, by asking for your taco on corn tortillas or getting enchiladas with either the red or green vegetarian sauce.

Today I had my standard of a Chicken Enchilada with Salsa Verde (the vegetarian green sauce), plus one special taco, which was fried shrimp with a nut breading (on corn tortilla). The enchilada is always great, with a good size enchilada and plenty of Salsa Verde, and a little melted cheese on top.

The Nutty Shrimp Taco was standard fare with maybe 3 or 4 medium sized shrimp and a mayonnaise sauce in the corn tortilla. These two items were a perfectly filling lunch, with plenty of southwestern flavor, washed down with unsweetened iced tea One special shout-out to Scott, the manager at the Howell Mill Road TDS.

He is always there with a big smile, plenty of hospitality and a desire to make sure that you have a special lunch experience. You can’t go wrong with lunch at Taqueria Del Sol.

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