Fried Fish with Thai Chili Sauce

Thaicoon Sushi Bar

Thaicoon Sushi Bar Atmosphere:

Whether you enjoy your meal from the sushi bar or you dine a table, you will feel relaxed in the traditional setting of Thaicoon Sushi Bar.  The restaurant has a quiet atmosphere, but the diverse crowd raises the noise level to a low bustle.  This is not the sushi bar where you are going to take your friends for saki bombs or buffets.  This is the restaurant where you would take your family or significant other.  They  provide warm towels to wash your hands before the meal, which seems like a lost tradition.  It’s really quite a nice and relaxing atmosphere so we gave awarded them 4 stars.



We dined four people strong, which meant a great array of dishes and sharing.  We started with the Spring Roll, Basil Roll, and Steamed Gyoza.  They were all delicious, but if I had to pick one it would be the Gyoza.  And I would get it fried.  The sauces are all three delicious, but the Gyoza has the most flavorful filling.  The ponzu sauce provided with the Gyoza is also delicious.


We ordered a couple of rolls, some pieces of Nigiri, but the winners were absolutely the Teriyaki Salmon and the Volcano Fish.  The Volcano fish is full of deliciousness.  When presented with the spicy, fried  deliciousness I was astounded with the amount of fish on the plate.  The presentation was great as the dish does look like a volcano.  The sauce  has a little kick to it, and is very similar to the type of Thai Chili sauce you might find on fried chicken wings.  The portions are big, and there was no way I could eat all that fish.

The Salmon Teriyaki is extremely flavorful, and also similar to the sauce you find on chicken wings.  It was a little over cooked, but came out well overall.

Obviously we had to finish off the meal with some fried ice cream.  It doesn’t get any better than tempura fried ice cream.

Insider Tip:

Do not eat the Volcano Fish the night before the Peachtree Road Race.  It will not help you run faster or longer.


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