The Albert's Philly Cheesesteak

The Albert

The Albert is a Bar:

The Albert is a bar, but it’s definitely not your average watering hole.  Hidden off N. Highland, away from the main drag, The Albert’s atmosphere is quite distinct from the surrounding venues.  I’ve heard rumors that the restaurant was named after the owners child, but they are still unconfirmed. Either way, the restaurant is littered with familiar “Als” from Albert Einstein to Al Capone to Al Gore.  The Al’s seem to fit in well with the lighting, which is always pretty dim, and often dissuades from me from eating there during lunch hours.  With that said, if you live in the neighborhood and enjoy good bar food then this is the spot for you.

The Albert: Not Your Average Bar

The Albert separates itself with decent prices, and better than average bar food.  In fact, sometimes the food is better than your average restaurant, but inconsistency is a plague that curses even the best places.

I’ve been eating at The Albert for a number of years, and I am pretty sure my brother has eaten a total of 30% of his meals there.  They have great BBQ Pork sandwich, great appetizers, and the really stellar item on the menu is the smoked wings.   Fox Brothers has the best smoked wings that we’ve encountered to date, but The Albert is a close second.  The wings are hickory smoked, and the BBQ sauce is made with PBR.  Do not underestimate the sauce, it is delicious.

The appetizers range from queso to boiled peanuts to pork tacos.  The best appetizers are the boiled peanuts, which provide a hit of spice, the smoked wings, and the pretzels.  The pretzels are delicious and come with cheese and mustard.

The service and consistency are not ideal, but it hasn’t stopped me from eating there over the past decade and it shouldn’t stop you.

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