Colonnade Fried Chicken

The Colonnade

So you are looking for the best fried chicken in Atlanta.  The Colonnade is in the top 3 for me in terms of fried chicken.  Some things you need to know: First you need to have your party there before you are seated, and its always busy.  So if you have that person who is always late in your family, like I do, then tell them to get there thirty minutes earlier than the desired meeting time.

The Colonnade is not only known for their fried chicken, but if you are feeling adventurous, you can take a dive into the chicken livers.  The Colonnade possesses a unique atmosphere, people often refer to the Colonnade as the place for gays and grays, so naturally you can find me there on Thursdays with my grandparents.  They always order the Chicken Fried Chicken, which is very good and has no bones.  The real deal is of course the Southern Friend Chicken.  You can select your favorite parts of the bird, and you will have more than enough food to take some home.  And don’t order fish like my mom or else you will end up eating your friend or relative’s fried chicken.

Go ahead and tell us what you thought of the Colonnade.


  • Fried Chicken – TOP 3 in Atlanta
  • ALL SIDES – You cannot go wrong with any side
  • THE BAR – that’s right, you heard me, the bar in there is pretty sweet.  and so are the drinks.
  • Portions – Send us a picture if you eat the whole fried chicken plate.

Not 5 STAR:

  • Trout –  we gave the trout 3 stars.
  • Appetizers – Not a great selection so just order your main course.


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