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The General Muir

General Muir TroutThe General Muir: A Jewish Sensation

I’ve been to most Deli’s here in Atlanta and I’ve obviously been to Katz’s deli in New York City, but The General Muir is different.  It’s a modern deli with a similar atmosphere to The Optimist in the sense that it is very open, clean, and has a nice bar.  The General Muir is located in Emory Point which is a recent retail and residential community near Emory University.  It’s really a nice place for students, and has a lot to offer in terms of food, drink, and shopping.  The free parking after 5pm prevents what would otherwise would be a nightmare.

The Menu:

We enjoyed The General Muir for dinner, and I hear their brunch is just as good if not better.  Our reservation was for 8:30 on a Friday, and we had no problem being seated.  We skipped over the appetizers this time, but during my last visit we devoured the chopped liver with ease.  On this occasion I opted for the Fried Chicken because my server used the fear of loss sales tactic saying that there was only one left and that it would probably be gone at any second.  It wasn’t quite that dramatic but the fried chicken was just okay.  Maybe that’s because I am spoiled from the Colonnade, but here is a side by side comparison of the two dishes which are very close in price.  This dish would be a lot better if they made it chicken and waffles.  They serve the chicken with a sweet and spicy sauce, and it left me craving for a waffle to complete the meal.




It’s an oddity for a Jewish Deli to be known for their burger, but once I saw it I my eyes opened with envy.

General Muir Double Stack


The Trout with yellow beans, olives, soffritto, potatoes, whole grain mustard vinaigrette was also was well prepared and presented, and immediately devoured:


And Obviously I had to finish off the night with some New York Style Cheesecake.


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