The Treehouse Restaurant Review

From a food perspective this may be one of my shorter posts, although the background information tends to extend its length. For approximately ten years I have been meeting a client for lunch, the frequency of which has been anywhere from every few years to every few months. She is one of the principals in a real estate development firm, thirty five years my junior and easy on the eyes. Not wishing to have any secrets from Mrs. C, I always tell her with whom I am dining, and when pressed for a description of my dining companion I did remark that she was cute. Finally deciding that the time was ripe for a meeting, I scheduled lunch for the three of us at The Treehouse in Peachtree Hills.

I arrived first to secure the table, although at lunch, inexplicably, the crowds were sparse. Mrs. C arrived next, and when she went to powder her nose my client arrived. Mrs. C exited the powder room, came to join us and introductions were made, after which we had a pleasant lunch. Arriving home later that afternoon, I was met with the inquiry “Why didn’t you warn me?” Clueless, as I usually am to some of Mrs. C’s unexpected salvos, and requesting clarification, Mrs. C then continued “For ten years I think you are having lunch with a cute client. Then today I come out of the restroom to find you at the table with a drop dead gorgeous thirty something blonde. If she played on the other team and gave me a little encouragement I would consider joining the rainbow league – at least two of the initials would possibly qualify me. I’m scheduling an appointment with Leon Gross for you – you need your vision checked. After thirty one years I know your taste in women and I am at least thankful she isn’t red headed and pregnant.” In my defense I must admit that it doesn’t harm my image to be seen around Buckhead generating the thought from many other diners of how nice it is to see an uncle spending time with his niece. But I have digressed – on to the review.

The Treehouse is one of those places that keeps on keeping on, and for good reason. If you are looking for a house made, house smoked hot dog with a fried egg and pimento cheese on top or any of the other cutting edge, push the envelope variations on bar food, don’t search for them at The Treehouse – you will be disappointed. If, on the other hand, you want good bar food with quality ingredients prepared correctly, a healthy drink size, and all at a reasonable price (throw in the dog friendly patio as a lagniappe) do stop in. From salads to chicken wings and burgers, salmon with wasabi mayonnaise, add a lobster dinner special and a few other choices at night – this is the place I find myself at once a week for lunch and, if I stay at the office until a normal quitting time, a quick stop for dinner. There is a reason behind its longevity. See for yourself.

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