The Varsity:  Not Just Fast Food

If you live in Atlanta, then you know the history and importance of the Varsity.  The allure resides in the vast history and uniquely delicious food.  They even have their own language, and you might want to familiarize yourself with some of the terms before you step up to the plate.  My favorite growing up as a kid was obviously the naked dog, a self explanatory item.

The Varsity has one of the biggest parking lots on the planet, and it is always 68% full no matter what time you go there.  Unless you go during a braves game or Ga Tech game then it’s about 99% full.  Stepping inside,  it’s relieving to hear the loud “what’ll ya have” repeated to customers forcing them to make a quick decision.  This isn’t Wendy’s where you can sit at the counter for an hour ordering, so make the proper preparations prior to your engagement with the cashier.

The view of the city, whether inside or outside, is always one of my favorite parts of eating at the Varsity.

The Varsity view of AtlantaNo matter what you get at the Varsity, it’s going to be delicious.  My only complaint resides with the lack of crispiness, but the onion rings are absolutely outstanding.  I normally get two chilli cheese dogs with fries, but this time I decided to switch it up and get a pimento cheeseburger.  It was very cheesy, and the cheese tasted real not like some Mcdonalds burger.

The Varsity cheeseburger, hot dog, and fries
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  • Kim

    Within an hour and a half of eating at the varsity this week (asking for no bun and people seeming annoyed) I was in the throws of violent throwing up and severe diarrhea. I was totally fine prior to eating there. It is now 3 days later and I am still in pain. After checking on how these things can go it is my belief that some form of chemicals were added to my food. I am abhorred of such a possibility but nothing else makes sense.

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