Top 3 Vegan Restaurants in Atlanta

Now that I am vegan, I’ve tried many of the vegan restaurants in the city and there are a few that deserve some major recognition. This list is in no particular order.

  1. Plant Based Pizzeria: located in Virginia Highlands, this is a great place to get your pizza craving satisfied. They have a number of different pizza options including my favorite which is the meat lovers. Old habits die hard, and I still love my fake meat lovers pizza. They also offer calzones, burgers, and even a spicy chicken sandwich. I’ll be honest right now, I have only tried the meat lovers pizza, but I’ve ordered it maybe 4 times since the start of quarantine.
  2. Herban Fix: This is definitely more of a classy restaurant, and their dinners are very good. Actually, it’s probably the only fancy vegan restaurant in Atlanta. While the dinners are delicious, the real winner is the brunch. It’s a $30 all you can eat brunch buffet with so many amazing vegan options. My favorite is the vegan sushi options available with mushroom and avocado.
  3. Cafe Sunflower: I went here for my birthday last year and it did not disappoint. The fettuccine alfredo is on POINT. I get this dish all the time because it’s so good. I’ve searched for many moons, and I still cannot find a better cashew avocado sauce. I don’t know where they get it from, but it hits the spot.

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