Top Five Best Outdoor Bars in Atlanta


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Best Outdoor Bars in Atlanta:

What’s better than sitting outside in the beautiful spring or summer in Atlanta and enjoying a nice, cold alcoholic beverage?  Nothing, which is why decided to compile the top five best outdoor bars in Atlanta.

  1. Park Tavern:

    Kicking off the list is none other than Park Tavern.  Located on Piedmont Park, there’s plenty of seating and delicious food.  The view over the park and into Midtown Atlanta is one of the best around, which is why this is our number one best outdoor bar in Atlanta.  Insider tip:  Park Tavern has sushi flown in every day from Hawaii, and after 10:00 to midnight.

  2. The Republic Social House:

    You may not have seen this coming, but The Republic is one of the top five bars because it has a great overlook of the Oakland Cemetery.  They usually have all sorts of events or happenings going on, and the food is pretty good as well.  

  3. Neighbor’s Pub:

    Being the largest outdoor bar in Virginia Highlands bodes well for Neighbor’s Pub making it one of the best outdoor bars.  Plenty of seating, and a lot of young drunk professionals, you can’t go wrong.  The location is ideal for an off-the-cuff pub crawl since there are a plethora of bars within close walking distance.

  4. Barcelona Wine Bar:

    Barcelona Wine Bar is that hot new place in Atlanta where you can’t ever get a table, and everybody is always talking about how great it is.  Well it’s true, the delicious tapas mixed with wine and a wonderful outdoor patio, makes for an outdoor experience you may not remember.

  5. Brewhouse Cafe:

    I am not really sure why they call it the Brewhouse Cafe because it’s definitely a bar, and a rowdy bar at that.  Go for your next favorite sports game and you will not be disappointed.  With plenty of outdoor seating, and located in the heart of little five points, there’s no shortage of activity, and hustle and bustle around this joint. Not to mention the food is pretty darn delicious.  

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