UMI Sushi

My friend Lisa is a real sushi maven.  She travels a lot and eats sushi everywhere she goes.  Thus when MF Sushi closed, Lisa mourned, but she has been eager to try UMI Sushi, located near Chops at Peachtree and West Paces Road, where Fuyuhiko Ito (with his wife, pastry chef Lisa Matsuoka Ito), formerly of MF Sushi, is part owner and leads the way.  Lisa’s and my bottom line – the best sushi in Atlanta.

We sat at the sushi bar.  The room is not too big, with a nice noise level and intimate feeling.  The entering patron sees the entire room and the sushi bar covering the width of the far wall.

2013-10-25 Cod

Lisa and I were both suffering from fall colds so we passed on the sake.  But we dove right into the menu, starting with Avocado Salad and the Grilled Black Cod Misoyaki.  The Avocado Salad was a delight.  A full half of avocado with the space where the seed had been filled with a perfectly paired, not-spicy wasabi vinaigrette. Delicious.  Next we had the Sake Aioli (Scottish cured salmon sashimi with a dab of garlic, lime and caviar on top), and Umi (sea urchin).

They were both amazing – simply amazing.  The salmon was tender and the toppings added a perfect subtle touch.  But, as if I have not used enough superlatives, the Umi (which I would never have ordered on my own), was one of the most delicious things I have ever tasted, literally melting in my mouth.

2013-10-25 Hurricane

We followed these with Otoro Tuna and Hamachi Sashimi which were good (not great), and Hurricane Roll, consisting of Spicy Salmon, and Cucumber, topped with salmon, yellowtail and avocado.  The Hurricane Roll was excellent.  No nori holding it together – it was tender, soft and rich.  Thoroughly satisfying.

2013-10-25 Souffle

For dessert we had a Green Tea Souffle, which was a special that they asked 30 minutes lead time to prepare.  After all the fish, the souffle was a delightful, not-too-sweet way to end a wonderful evening.  5 stars for this wonderful restaurant.
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