we suki suki banh mi

We Suki Suki

we suki suki banh miBackground:

We Suki Suki sits in the middle of East Atlanta Village, and serves up some mighty killer Vietnamese sandwiches. I was immediately surprised by the intimacy of the restaurant.  Very small and only two people behind the counter.  The lady at the counter is extremely outgoing and friendly, and I, not knowing anything about Vietnamese bbq, needed all the help I could get.  If it is your first time going to We Suki Suki don’t worry, just tell them its your first time there.  Then she will list off a bunch of sandwiches and you can pick one.  The only ones I can remember are the pork and the avocado.  Both Delicious.


I am going to go ahead and dull out 4 stars on this one.  The food is awesome, and the atmosphere is inviting as well.  The flavor and ingredients are top notch, and the price works on a budget.  The only complaint I have is that the menu is hard to find, but that is part of the appeal.  You can’t go wrong with We Suki Suki.

And I almost forgot the Vietnamese coffee.  Get it.  It’s good.

And if you are interested in some more information about the banh mi here is a link to wikipedia.


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