Inman Park is home to some of Atlanta’s top restaurants, and when I saw Wisteria on the list of restaurants for Inman Park Restaurant Week, I knew I had to go.  I always get the Wisteria Calamari and the Beef Tenderloin almost without exception, and I thought this visit would be different.  I was wrong.  They had both the Beef Tenderloin and the Calamari on the fixed menu for $35.

Wisteria Calamari:

The other option was the $25 fixed menu, and I almost went for it, but it didn’t have the Calamari.  When I say this is the best Calamari in Atlanta, I mean it.  I get the Calamari everywhere: Murphys, Noche, you name it and I’ve had it.

First off, the Calamari is fried perfectly with a cornmeal coating, and then drizzled with a wasabe crème fraiche.  They also serve it with an apricot sweet and sour sauce which brings all the flavors together perfectly.  I could go on, but the picture below tells a better tale.

Wisteria Fried Calamari

Wisteria Beef Tenderloin:

I’ve always love the Beef Tenderloin and hated the mac and cheese that comes with it, I mean who puts braised greens in a mac and cheese.  But this visit the mac and cheese actually grew on me.  The braised greens didn’t completely wipe out the cheesy, creamy taste of the mac and cheese.

The real gem is the beef tenderloin, but I have to admit I was a bit disappointed with the temperature.  It was a pretty large cut so it’s hard to get the temperature right, but it is also a $20 steak.  I will say it’s the only time I’ve ever been disappointed, and I’ve been to the restaurant at least 45 times.  That’s pretty good consistency.  You can decide for yourself and let me know.

Wisteria Beef Tenderloin

Don’t Forget Dessert:

I can only remember the one on the left is lemon square, and the one in the middle was a spicy chocolate ice cream on top of a brownie.  By this point I was too full to enjoy this deliciousness.  I hate to say I had thrown in the towel, but it’s true.

Wisteria Dessert Assortment

Wisteria on Urbanspoon

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