Yeah! Burger with bacon and a side of fries

Yeah Burger

The Burger that Keeps it Real:

Yeah Burger was one of those spur of the moment, impulse stops.  We saw the sign for $3 Tacos, and I admit my initial hesitation, but our curiosity was overwhelming.  Upon arriving, the patio immediately catches your eye, and is a great place to grab a beer and watch the roving Virginia Highland crowd.  They also have a location in West Midtown, on Howell Mill.

The concept behind Yeah Burger is “Keeping Food Real,” and we dig that.  They use natural and organic ingredients, and as far as taste is concerned, grass fed, natural beef creates a superior product.  As if natural, organic ingredients were not enough, Yeah Burger also uses local, or at least regional, food sources.  The beef comes from White Oak Pastures in Bluffton, Georgia.  I’ve never been to Bluffton myself, but its pretty close to Albany if your looking for a road trip.



I’ll be honest, the food at Yeah Burger is pretty good, and I am a fan of grass fed, all natural beef. But with that said, their prices are a bit high.  The burgers are delicious, and they do serve alcohol, but the overall experience is not impressive. The atmosphere at Yeah Burger lacks personality of other burger joints like George’s and Moe’s and Joe’s just down the road. Let me put it this way, If I was a married man with kids in my forties, commonly known as yuppies, I would probably enjoy the Yeah Burger experience.  Considering I am not a married man, and I just hit 25, I prefer a little more personality.

Check out Yeah Burger’s website and menu Click Here.


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